iSoftech Revolution helped client by manual testing for Add on for CAD application

iSoftech Revolution, a Bangalore based software testing service provider, was tasked with testing web based engineering application that allows users to perform complex engineering calculations.

Although there were several testing services available to them, client decided to enlist the services of iSoftTech Revolution.

How iSoftech Revolution did help the client?

Client was developing add on for CAD application but was facing technical challenges to test the applications.  . Isoftech revolution has dedicated QA team headed by PhD software Testing Engineer, where the CAD application and add-on was understood through exploratory testing and testing strategy was developed in quick span of time. Testing involved developing testcases and followed by manual execution of testcases. Through proper project management planning and through multiple iterations of testing high quality of CAD add-on was ensured to the client within short span of time. Client was satisfied with the turnaround speed and with quality of CAD application add-on

Ready to try iSoftTech Revolution?

isoftech revolution is an reputed emerging software testing service provider. It is well versed in testing of web, mobile, dektop and cloud applications. It has well managed team of 15 qualified testing professionals who are trained in quality assurance of software. We deliver reliable testing services for clients to achieve high quality for their products within the planned time.