Suite CRM Implementation
Real Use Case

The IT Organisation wanted a CRM system to give a complete view of their communications with leads/customers and contacts, enabling a more planned approach to be implemented to their sales accomplishments.

KEY BENEFITS & Features:

  • Access Control permissions by security group and roles.
  • Simplify workflows and processes allowing sales teams to work competently and efficiently
  • Enhanced visibility for management of sales.

Handling Programmes Seamlessly with SuiteCRM

Our client is a leading innovative IT Service & Solutions provider for many vertical, including, Manufacturing, Retail, Financial Services, and Healthcare, Having said that they needed a tailored CRM software application was required to allow for strategic monitoring and assessment of their business processes. It was also needed to modernize the sales functionalities, Identitying to management when customers were either won or lost, allowing easy identification of their important accounts.

The Challenge

The Organisation wanted a CRM software to provide a broad overview of their interactions with leads, customers and contacts, allowing a more strategic approach to be applied to their sales activities. This was perceived as important tool to develop new and existing associations within their client base and to also recognize those relations which are most valued. The system would also permit the management team to implement different levels of access controls and roles permissions based on an employee’s zone and role within the business. This was perceived as valuable as the CRM gives a centralised and safe space whereby all related documentation could be stored.

Key Problem Solved

iSoftech worked with the client to develop and deliver a simplified requirements gathering meetings, workshop followed by agile development sprints. This enbled the company to refine and asses the solution at every stage of the journey leading to the following key features being developed and implemented.

  • Centralised Structure: iSoftech created a single source for all contact information and documentation across the organisation enabling our client to customise modules and fields to meet their business requirements.
  • Controlled Access: iSoftech created controlled permissions for the management team to implement depending on their employees zone and role.
  • Strategic Solution: iSoftech have provided a solution which modernizes sales processes and also provides the opportunity for our client to increase value to their customer offering. By adding time trackers to opportunities they are now able to recognize and rectify bottlenecks within the various sales stages.
  • Constant Improvement: SuiteCRM allows the management team to be alerted when a sales opportunity is won or lost. If the latter happens then a workflow automation requires the user to provide a clarification defining why the opportunity was not converted, and thereby providing a well understanding of where the business can improve.
  • Business Analytics: iSoftech created a system that would allow the organisation to easily categorise and report on their sales efforts to focus on successful accomplishments and categorize important accounts.

Our client now has a top class high quality organized SuiteCRM system which is customized to their exceptional requirements allowing them to recognize key customers and track how their sales activities are impacting the company’s ROI to ensure continued future success.

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